The Importance Of Having Good Stream Graphics for Your Stream

The Importance Of Having Good Stream Graphics for Your Stream

The world of gaming has expanded seamlessly, where gamers have started to showcase their talent online. There are tons of people who watch these online streams and enjoy the gameplay offered by these pro gamers.

However, you do not have to necessarily be a professional if you want to stream your gameplay. You can start doing that right now by just ensuring that you know the basics of conducting a stream.

Good graphics are quintessential to your viewership, and therefore you must read this article till the end if you are in the mood to take your gaming to the next level. Here are some of the essential details about these graphics and what makes them important.

Stream Overlays

One of the most common terms in the lingo of gaming is stream overlays. As the name suggests, they are the additional graphics that you add to your stream. They lay over the camera and the gameplay to intrigue the viewers and also escalate the engagement.

There is a myriad of possibilities when it comes to overlays, and therefore you should be very selective while finalizing them. You cannot incorporate all the elements because that will make your stream look extremely chaotic and cluttered.

Some of the great software that will support the insertion of PNG files as overlays are OBS Studio and Streamlabs. A lot of organizations are currently working to transcend these basic benchmarks by innovating in this particular field.

Every new streamer should aid their stream with the help of overlays so that you can strike the initial engagement. There are plenty of places to find them, and you will also get a lot of freelancers who will be willing to offer you a whole packaged deal.

Visuals by Impulse and Nerd or Die are two great places to explore at the initial level. You can also create your own files and upload them to the streaming software.

Camera Overlays

Camera Overlays are one of the most critical points of juncture in your entire stream. They are just plain borders, and you can tweak them a little bit if you want. The primary purpose which these boxes serve is to provide the distinction between the gameplay and the person’s visuals. Sometimes the colors of the game overshadow the camera and blend with the colors. In such cases, these frames come in very handy. They also attribute a professional tag to your channel since you are so cautious about the little things.

You can decide on the dimensions of the box according to the game that you are playing. The two best options are to either go for a rectangular 16:9 frame or a square 4:3 frame. These two dimensions are widely accepted and can be a good default setup.

You can also add animations to your frame if you have the time and resources. They hike up your presentation and also give added incentives to the users to watch the stream. If your animations are subtle and efficient, you can expect an increased viewership soon.

Stream Alerts

Building a loyal and dedicated community is the golden rule that you have to follow while gaming professionally. When your streams get famous, you will attract a lot of new viewers every day. The key to flourishing is by sustaining these new viewers so that your community can be finely knit together.

Stream alerts are the way to go for building a good community. They pop up when you get a new subscriber or right after you receive donations from your viewers. Monetizing your stream is extremely important if you want to do this seriously, and therefore you will have to appreciate the donors each time they ease off their pockets. This will also help you to build a more direct and informal relationship with your viewer base.

You can choose your stream alert from the mammoth amount of templates that are available online. They can either be subtle and straightforward or flashy and animated. You can also choose a mix of both that will act according to set filters.

A good stream alert will encourage your donors to donate more, and therefore it is something that deserves your utmost attention. You can also choose the type of alert based on the kind of game that you are playing. A good streamer will always acknowledge these stream alerts, and therefore there will be multiple areas that you will have to cover while playing online.

Profile Panels

Profile panels are the quirky calls to action buttons that are placed on the corners of your stream. They provide a hyperlink to your community and other external handles so that your viewers can connect with you on a personal level.

Your twitch panels are a must to ensure that your community is getting regular additions. You can opt for various different designs according to your game and community. The most basic variant is to go for a standard rectangular box that will feature all of your profiles. Established gamers have more giant boxes because they share sponsored content too.

These panels are not restricted to external links. You can also put the donation tab along with other information that you have to give out. Even if you are using a basic rectangular box, it should be attractive so that the viewers’ eyes do not ignore it.

There is much free software that can help you to create a profile panel online. You can then put these presets on your stream.

Initial Animation

Before you actually begin your stream, there will always be some people who will visit the channel beforehand. In order to engage these people, you can take the help of initial animation that can run until the time you come online. This animation can be fundamental, with just a single line saying that the stream will start soon.

You can also animate your profile panel so that your community members can kill a few minutes by interacting with your social profiles. There are a lot of streamers that use engaging animations and even sponsored content.

You can decide the animation according to your game, or you can create a standard pre-screen for each of your streams.

Stream Screens

The most sought-after layout to stream is the one in which your webcam features over your gameplay. It is a very basic setup that offers extreme clarity to the people who are watching your stream. However, if you are hosting a five-hour-long stream, there are chances that you will take some small breaks in between.

Stream screens come in handy during these exact times when you stop your gameplay and take a minute out to chat with the audience. They are also up and running when you are not in front of the webcam due to any possible reason. There are a few variants of these screens.


An intermission screen is used when you are sitting in front of the camera for interaction purposes. It features a chat window where you can talk to your subscribers and do a fun activity to increase their loyalty even further.

Be Right Back (BRB)

A basic BRB screen is necessary to communicate that you are out for just a few seconds or minutes. They keep the viewers engaged.

Offline Graphic

These graphics or screens are used when you are offline but are still getting traction. These screens urge the viewer to subscribe to your channel so that they can catch you live in action when you stream next. They are necessary to gauge new audiences.

Final Words

These graphics and overlays are crucial to build a strong community. You must get professional help or create some flawless graphics if you want people to bombard on your channel!


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