Why do I need a stream overlay?

Well, you don’t. However, this article will point out the reasons as to why you should get a quality stream overlay to improve your stream.

Twitch overlays come in many different forms. Some people like a cluster**** of things plastered all over their screen whilst others enjoy a more simple, clean stream overlay. I have to side with the twitch overlay of the simple and clean variety. Why? when your twitch overlay has too much going on, it takes away from your content. While a simple, noticeable overlay for your twitch channel raises the quality of your twitch stream without being too distracting.

Overlays for Twitch come in handy in regards to plugging all of your social medias. This includes sponsor’s and shouting out your top donations / recent subscribers. This can be done within a bottom / top bar or infused within your camera overlay. Below are some examples of a solid twitch overlay.

stream overlay

stream overlay

How do I get a stream overlay?

If you are proficient in Photoshop it isn’t as hard as you would think to make your own. Alternatively there is a variety of sites that offer free twitch overlays as well as custom paid overlays. For more information on how to make a stream overlay for your twitch channel check out these links:

  1. Youtube.com/watch?v=pJUmEc7T-jM
  2. http://nikitheliger.com/how-to-make-overlays-for-twitch-photoshop/
  3. http://gimpwalkthrough.com/how-to-make-an-overlay-for-twitch-using-obs-and-gimp/

Not everyone has the money to buy a stream overlay. Go ahead and give making your own overlay a shot.

I found a stream overlay I like, now what?

If you have finally found an overlay for your stream channel be sure you customize it first. Including adding your social medias as well as your username. Now we need to implement it!

Step 1. Add a Scene

Move mouse over the scenes box to the left:  Right click > Add Scene

Name it whatever you wan’t it doesn’t really matter.

how to add overlay in obs

Step 2. Add your stream overlay Image

Move mouse over the sources box to the left:  Right click > Image

stream overlay in obs

Name the source then hit OK, click on the Browse button to find the overlay you want to add to your stream.

When you’ve picked the overlay image hit OK again. Now you have the overlay added to your OBS scene.

Step 3. Position the overlay

Now that you have the overlay in OBS, you need to fit it to match your video output. To do this click the source you just added. Now you should see a red border around your stream overlay.

obs guide

From there you just hold click the bottom right point of the red border and drag it to fit the screen.


That’s it! You have now implemented your stream overlay!