How To Upload Emotes On Twitch

How To Upload Emotes On Twitch

If you have been on Twitch for some time, you must have noticed a dozen emotes used by other viewers. Twitch Emotes are pretty common within the stream’s chat, and you may have used some emotes yourself.

Emotes are one of the most recognizable and popular aspects of Twitch. Emotes have become the native language of Twitch owing to its fun, easy, and quick way of communication.

They offer an easy way to show support for the community and your favorite creators without subscribing to their channel.

Emotes are also a powerful way to define your brand, which makes it essential to understand its meaning. If you are willing to popularize your streaming brand, you must learn how to create emotes on Twitch.

Twitch Emotes – What Are They And What They Are Used For?

Emotes on Twitch is another name for emoji or emoticons. However, unlike the emoticons that you use on your phone and other messaging apps, Twitch emotes are unique to its platform.

The majority of social networking sites use traditional emojis like hearts and faces. While Twitch emotes are generally unique to all affiliate or partnered streamers.

Every affiliated streamer can use custom-built emotes on Twitch, including their face to any art. Whatever conveys your greetings or moods can be designed into a Twitch emote.

Twitch emotes are available in any stream’s chat. You can enter various case-sensitive mixtures of symbols or letters using your keyword. You can also select any from the Twitch emote menu available in the channel’s chatbox.

Some channels on Twitch also use plugins to make emotes show up in their streaming feed when you use them in the stream’s chat. If you are a user of Stream Elements on Twitch, you will encounter a widget called KappaGen.

The widget usually celebrates note-worthy moments during the stream. It causes an explosion of emotes over your streaming screen and displays them on the platform’s overlay.

The KappaGen is a free widget and can be introduced to any streamer’s overlay via a few clicks. After adding this widget to your stream, you can easily customize it by altering its style and size.

How Can You Get Your Own Set Of Custom Twitch Emotes?

You can add your custom emotes to your Twitch channel only when you have successfully upgraded to a Partner or Affiliate channel. You can also create your custom emotes when your account gets verified on Twitch.

Generally, all Partners of Twitch have verified accounts, but verification can also be extended to some organizations or brands.

How Many Twitch Emotes Can You Get?

If you become an Affiliate on Twitch, you will start your journey with one emote. However, Twitch Partners are allowed to upload up to six emotes when their streaming account gets upgraded to the next level.

You can further boost your emotes capacity by increasing your subscriber points. The more subscriber points your Twitch channel earns, the higher will be the emotes creation tier of yours.

The emotes creation capacity is generally calculated by considering the following –

  • Your subscription tier on Twitch

  • The number of active subscribers on your Twitch channel

Twitch affiliates can increase their capacity by up to five emotes on Twitch. While Twitch partners can enhance their Twitch emote slots up to the capacity of 50.

However, the good thing here is you won’t lose the emotes even if your subscriber’s count gets reduced. Once you unlock an emote slot, the same will not get locked ever again.

Difference Between Channel Emote And Global Emote On Twitch

Channel emotes can be used only when you have an active subscription to your favorite streamer’s channel. You can unlock such emotes only after successfully subscribing to the Twitch channels.

The majority of the Twitch affiliates and partners have their own set of custom emotes that can be unlocked only by their subscribers.

Global emotes are accessible to all streamers on Twitch. Whether you have subscribed to a certain channel or viewing the content for free, you can use global emotes.

How To Make New Emotes For Your Twitch Platform

You can easily make Twitch emotes using any image editing program or third parties. If you don’t want third parties to create emotes, you can use Adobe Photoshop to develop your own Twitch emotes, and even twitch overlays.

Twitch emotes are easy to make as they are just small images customized into the form of emoticons or emojis.

If you are looking for reliable third parties to create your Twitch emotes, you can find them on –

  • Many artists tweet about their Twitch emotes creation services on Twitter

  • Fiverr has also artists who can create Twitch emotes for streamers

If you decide to make your own emotes for Twitch, you must follow these basic requirements –

  • The images should have proper transparency. You need to create your twitch emote image in the following three sizes –

  1. 112px × 112px
  2. 28px × 28px
  3. 56px × 56px
  • Each Twitch emote file must be limited to the size capacity of 25KB

  • The emote images should be created only in the PNG file format

  • Emotes should be free from violent, sexual, or hateful content

  • Emote images should not promote the harassment of any individual or group

If you feel unsure about how to create the emotes or the kinds of images to be used, take inspiration from other streamers. Observe the type of emotes others are using and what is trending among the viewers.

If you are looking for a standard choice while creating your Twitch emote, you can simply add your own image.

You can also add some words that you always use or make a cartoon version of your image. You can ask any artist to help you out with the cartoon version.

How to Use Adobe Photoshop for creating Twitch Emotes

The instructions for creating emotes on Adobe Photoshop are also applicable for other picture editing apps. To get started with your emotes creation on Adobe Photoshop, you need to –

Enter 112px × 112px into the height and width fields

  • Go to the ‘Background Contents’ icon

  • Select the drop-down menu

  • Click on the option ‘Transparent’

  • Click ‘OK’

  • Add texts and images to your file

  • After editing the images, click ‘File’

  • Select the option ‘Save for Web’

  • Go to the dropdown menu of the file type

  • The default file type is usually set as JPEG

  • You need to change the file type to ‘PNG-24’

  • Once you are done, select the ‘Save’ button

Once you save the image, you need to make two smaller sizes of the same. To create this, you need to click on the option ‘Image.’ Next, select the option ‘Image Size’ and enter ’56’ into both the height and width fields. Click on ‘OK’ and save the file.

However, you must give a different file name to the smaller sizes to prevent the chance of overwriting your original file. You need to repeat the process for creating the file in the size of 28px × 28px.

How To Design Good Twitch Emotes

Twitch emotes can get rejected if you fail to meet the terms of the platform. You must create emotes that your subscribers and viewers will like to use. Your emotes must also fit well into the community guidelines.

You can design your own emotes by following certain ideas and tips. However, your best bet will always be the professionally designed emotes.

They will add real value and content to your Twitch channel. You can get some of the best emotes for Twitch on these platforms, like Fiverr or Own3D.

How To Upload Emotes On Your Twitch Channel

You need to follow the instructions to successfully upload the emotes on Twitch.

Step 1

Go to your preferred internet browser and open the Twitch website. Go to the top-right corner and click on your Twitch avatar.

Step 2

Access your creator dashboard. Go to the left-hand sidebar and locate the preferences section. You will find the options ‘Affiliate’ and ‘Partner.’

Step 3

You need to be a Twitch Partner or Affiliate to gain the right to add custom emotes on Twitch. Find the affiliate or partner tab.

Step 4

Next, locate the subscriptions section. Select the option ‘Emotes.’ Check the number of emotes already uploaded on your Twitch channel and see if you have available slots for new emotes

Step 5

You need to choose the tier level here – tier 3, tier 2, or tier 1. Upload the three images to the fields provided therein.

Step 6

Go to the option ‘Unique Code’ and enter a name for your Twitch emote. After you are done, submit the emotes to Twitch. Once the emotes gets approved by Twitch, they will get uploaded to your channel

Final Thoughts

You can easily make emotes for your Twitch channel by following the above instructions. However, remember that you will always need to replace, delete, or add emotes all over your Twitch career.

As your community changes and your channel grows, you can always update your existing emotes to resonate better with your viewers.

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