6 Tips To Help You Become A Popular Twitch Streamer

how to become a popular twitch streamer


Twitch is an online service that allows watching and streaming of digital videos. Streaming on Twitch is popular these days. People choose Twitch streaming because of its benefits. Some of these benefits include money, reputation, and fame. But in order to have these things, you have to be a popular streamer. You have to create a large audience and be known in the Twitch streaming community.  To help you, here are 6 tips on how to become a popular Twitch streamer.

Choose your equipment

how to become a popular twitch streamer

The specifications of your device are important considerations in Twitch streaming. You need a device with good processing power so that you can stream smoothly your games. Intel Core i5-4670 processor, Windows 7 or newer, and an 8 GB of RAM are some recommendations for Twitch. You can also choose Mac for streaming.

Choose excellent equipment to broadcast your videos. Make sure you have loud audio and clear video system whenever you stream. To do this, choose high quality headset, microphone, and camera. Try your equipment and observe the audio and video results. You should avoid equipment that distorts your voice and causes annoying feedbacks.  


Select your software

how to become a popular twitch streamer

After checking the quality of your equipment, select software that can improve your stream performance. You can try StreamPro which is all-round broadcasting software.  This software can allows you to create polls, alerts, labels, chats, and donations. It can also give you details about your subscribers, followers, as well as your donation goals.

You can also try Open Broadcaster software. This software can assist you in video recording and live streaming. You can use this software on Linux, Mac, or Windows. It has simple configuration options and offers filters for video sources. This software also provides customized transitions, audio mixers, and multiple themes. Increase the convenience of your stream experience with the mentioned software tools.  


Check your internet speed

how to become a popular twitch streamer

Before you start streaming, evaluate the speed and stability of your internet connection. Your internet connection should be fast enough so that it could broadcast your video in high quality. Beware of frequent disconnection because it can affect your reputation as a streamer. The speed and quality of your internet connection should match the videos and games that you stream.


Pick your niche

how to become a popular twitch streamer

Many Twitch streamers broadcast popular games, but you don’t have to join the bandwagon. Instead, select your niche. Don’t play just for the sake of streaming, but play because you want to experience the game. Your interest in your game can affect your viewers. Playing the game you love can also boost your confidence especially if you’re new in Twitch streaming.  

Having different streams from the crowd can also make you a unique streamer. Use this uniqueness as a way to increase your visibility in the community and grow as a Twitch streamer. Don’t worry about diverting from the top games, because you can build your own audience in time. Pick your niche and enjoy the act of streaming.


Create a backup plan

Don’t focus all your energy in one game. Always have a contingency plan in mind. You have to be open to the possibility that your chosen game can die down. It can lose its popularity or you can lose your interest in it. Because of this, you should be ready to shift into a new game anytime.


Interact with your audience

how to become a popular twitch streamer

Focus on your audience as you would focus on your stream. Acknowledge and interact with your viewers. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation while streaming. You can do small talks or ask the audience for gaming tips.

Interaction during a stream is a sure way to gain loyal viewers. Engagement with the audience can also help you create a good reputation as a streamer. You should also establish connection with other Twitch streamers. However, don’t respond to negative viewers and avoid trolls. Ignore haters and people who can upset you. Remember that you control your Twitch stream.  Choose and maintain a positive environment for streaming.

Always remember to keep an entertaining stream and don’t be discouraged by the initial lack of viewers.  You can’t expect a large audience on your first video broadcast. It takes time to create your own base of spectators. You have to show dedication if you want to become a popular Twitch streamer. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up on your first try. Continue streaming and watch as your audience grows. Do your best every time and have fun Twitch streaming.